If you are considering the installation of a water feature for your outdoor space, the design options and features are endless. From a soothing Koi pond or pondless waterfall to a hybrid or above ground pond, there are numerous styles and budget conscious solutions to help make this dream a reality.

Why Install a Koi Pond?

A Koi pond is a structure designed to house Koi fish. It can include an in-ground or an above ground pond design, each allowing you to view the stunning fish in tranquility. There is a very special energy that is created when installing a Koi pond in your back patio. Popular styles of Koi ponds include the recreation of a natural aquatic environment with plants and a backwash filtration system, commonly known as the hybrid pond. A traditional pond includes a clear unobstructed view of the structure and the fish.

Koi ponds are beautiful to look at, tranquil, easy to maintain and contributes to the improved value of your property. To benefit from these striking features, be sure to have your garden water pond installed by a professional pond builder.


What is a Pondless Waterfall?

Another type of feature for the home is the pondless waterfall. If you wish to experience the soothing sounds of running water without the maintenance of a pond, then the contemporary back patio waterfall is best for your needs. The pumping of water back into a reservoir can help you receive the benefits of a waterfall without the addition of a pond.

Why Choose a Back Patio Pond for Your Home?

Beautiful landscape design is certainly incomplete without the addition of a gorgeous back patio pond or above ground pond. One of the most popular reasons for installing a back patio pond is for the incredible visual aesthetic. The classic pond softens a landscape and creates a tranquil space for the contemporary or the quaint home. An above ground garden water pond is a modern take on the regular pond. It allows you to view the plants or the fish that are inside the pond with ease.

Choose a Trusted Pond Design Contractor for Beautiful Results

To have a stunning pond installed in your back patio, contact your trusted pond builders [email protected] Committed to quality and design aesthetic, your dream pond is easily created for endless beauty, peacefulness and desired maintenance. Our specialized team can make your pond design dream a reality.

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COPYRIGHT © 2019 [email protected] ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.