Building a Custom Pond?

Looking for a Custom in or off Ground Pond?

Outdoor Living… and Loving with custom built ponds

What we offer when built a custom pond
  • Experienced design team creates a custom plan just for you
  • We'll work with you to keep your project affordable.
  • Our designs are celebrated for their creativity, functionality and style
  • Ecologically friendly, low-maintenance ponds
  • Our creations have been featured in magazines.

Whether you have ideas of your own, or we're starting from scratch, you'll find renu@hand Deck & Pond Builders can create a plan that will knock your socks off. Our years of cumulative experience mean we understand all the little touches that make a huge functional and visual impact for a small cost. Built-in planters, seating and storage can often heighten style, while costing less than if separately purchased. And while we're dedicated to bringing you the highest quality and exquisitely finished details, we're happy to work with you to make your project affordable. A beautiful, quality deck can be well designed without being expensive.

renu@hand will always do our best to ensure that we are using and offering environmentally friendly products. We constantly research ways to help improve our environment.

Deck and Pond Builders

Your best choice for custom decks and koi ponds in the Miami and Broward areas

Working With A Professional Pond Construction

Our design philosophy starts with functionality. Traffic flow is taken into consideration for the best functional use of the pond space. Pattern changes in the floorboards or structural elements such as waterfalls are used to define separate "areas." We examine your specific needs. We even take your outdoor furniture into account-because a ceramic vase needs a different area than a round umbrella table would.

The construction of a koi pond is both a work of art and engineering. The resulting pond must be beautiful to look at and at the same time serve its primary purpose – to provide a good home for your Koi.

You'll be amazed at the way your renu@hand pond blends seamlessly with your home yet still manages to stand out as the masterpiece of your yard. You could plop an ordinary pond behind your house. Or, for close to the same price, you could have renu@hand Deck & Pond Builders build a stylish custom creation that will be beautiful, soothing, romantic and the envy of the neighborhood.

On-Site Water Feature Design Consultation

There's more to a pond than just water. The cost of any water feature can vary depending on the location,  the type of water feature that best suits your needs and of course what equipment you are using during pond construction. This is the reason renu@hand offers on-site design consultations at your home or business.

Whether you have scratched out an idea on a napkin or have had a landscape designer provide you with 3-D imaging and CAD drawings.  Or perhaps you just know you want "something"...but can't quite put it into words or on paper, renu@hand will help you find your voice and vision with our creative experience.

We can help you navigate the road of making that napkin sketch or architectural rendering or that elusive vision, into a practical reality. Our job is to build it...our passion is the creation.

In Ground Ponds

Working with low-maintenance in ground ponds.

Backyard Pond

Entails a rubber Liner, skimmer, biological filter, lined with rocks and gravel, about 2 feet deep and generally about 10 X 14 feet wide. Accommodates a few KOI, smaller fish, turtles, frogs, water-lilies and marginal plants. Requires regular “skimmer” maintenance, annual biological filter maintenance and “spring pond cleaning”.

Koi Pond

Entails a rubber liner, multiple skimmers, bottom drain, multiple biological filters, settlement chamber, ultra-violet clarifiers, improved aeration and deeper. Accommodates more and larger KOI, few plants (as KOI eat them). Since KOI are admired and fed regularly they generate a lot of waste that needs weekly maintenance of the skimmers, sediment settlement chambers, filters and UV clarifiers.

Hybrid Pond (crossover pond)

Selectively uses the concepts and components from “back yard ponds” and “KOI ponds” to meet the different requirements of client. It is less deep than KOI ponds, fewer KOI, fewer filters, more rock in pond, added shelve areas for plants and habitats for turtles. The expected maintenance is less than KOI ponds but more than “back yard” ponds.

Pondless Waterfall (cascading pondless)

The pond is replaced by a hidden reservoir of water that provides water for the waterfall. This usually consists of a basin, or lined hole in the ground, filled with rocks made into a waterfall and a pondless waterfalls pump circulating the water.

This method literally requires almost NO maintenance, No standing water, No Algae, No mosquitoes, NO pond additives, and No critter vandalism. You determine when you want the waterfall to run, turn it on when you are home, turn it off when you leave. No standing water means that it is safe for front yard installations.

  • Saves electricity
    Set a timer to turn it on when your home. Turn it off when you are gone, or on vacation.
  • No maintenance
    No algae — no additives. Using a leaf blower occasionally will remove most fallen leaves and debris.
  • No critter vandalism
    Raccoons will not mess up your pond plants in their destructive search for your prize Koi.
  • No mosquitos (No standing water)


Above Ground Ponds

Working with low-maintenance off ground ponds.

Ponds can be created slightly above ground and blended nicely towards ground level with stones and rocks.

When doing a raised pond you need to take the cost of materials into account. Where you would normally dig a hole and the earth would support it you now would need to use bricks, blocks or stone with concrete and sometimes even decking.

Above Ground Ponds benefits
  • The pond is safer
    The pond is safer for children as it is raised off the ground - it will also keep out dogs or other pets.
  • There is no need to dig a huge hole in the ground, you can just build around it.
    With the pond being higher this helps maintenance, fish viewing, prevents rubbish, mud and other unwanted things falling into your pond. If you are considering a koi pond then this will give you great pleasure for not only viewing the fish, but easily feeding them out of your hand.
  • This pond has been created slightly above ground but they have blended it nicely with stones and rocks.
    When doing a raised pond you need to take the cost of materials into account. Where you would normally dig a hole and the earth would support it you now would need to use bricks, blocks or stone with concrete and sometimes even decking.
  • These types of pond just go so well with patios
    We will make sure that you create a wide rim all the way around the edge that can provide an extra seating area. It's as close to the fish as you can get without going for a paddle.


Pond Materials

  • Concrete Ponds
  • Preformed Ponds
  • Pond Liners
  • Plastic Ponds