Building a Custom Deck?

Looking for a Custom Wood or Composite Deck?

Outdoor Living… and Loving with custom built decks

What we offer when built a custom deck
  • Experienced design team creates a custom plan just for you
  • We'll work with you to keep your project affordable.
  • Our designs are celebrated for their creativity, functionality and style
  • Our creations have been featured in magazines.

Whether you have ideas of your own, or we're starting from scratch, you'll find renu@hand Deck & Pond Builders can create a plan that will knock your socks off. Our years of cumulative experience mean we understand all the little touches that make a huge functional and visual impact for a small cost. Built-in planters, seating and storage can often heighten style, while costing less than if separately purchased. And while we're dedicated to bringing you the highest quality and exquisitely finished details, we're happy to work with you to make your project affordable. A beautiful, quality deck can be well designed without being expensive.

renu@hand will always do our best to ensure that we are using and offering environmentally friendly products. We constantly research ways to help improve our environment.

Deck and Pond Builders

Your best choice for custom decks and koi ponds in the Miami and Broward areas

Work With Experts in Custom Decks

Our design philosophy starts with functionality. Traffic flow is taken into consideration for the best functional use of the deck space. Pattern changes in the floorboards or structural elements such as pergolas are used to define separate "rooms." We examine your specific needs. We even take your outdoor furniture into account-because a picnic table needs a different deck than a round umbrella table would.

You'll be amazed at the way your renu@hand deck (or sunroom...or gazebo) blends seamlessly with your home yet still manages to stand out as the masterpiece of your yard. You could plop an ordinary square deck behind your house. Or, for close to the same price, you could have renu@hand Deck & Pond Builders build a stylish custom creation that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Pretty easy choice, isn't it?

Wood Decks

Working with low-maintenance natural wood decking.

Pressure Treated Pine (PT)

PT is the most popular deck lumber for the South Florida climate. REASONABLY PRICED, guaranteed against ROT & TERMITES, resistant to MOLD & MILDEW, with PROVEN LONGEVITY.  This is especially important for heavily trafficked areas with direct exposure to sun and rain.  We buy only Southern Yellow Pine that has been pressure Treated with ACQ an arsenic Free preservative.

    First of all, PT is by far the least expensive wood that’s guaranteed against ROT & TERMITES. If a PT product that we supply has rotted or become infested,  we will replace it No questions asked! We don’t know of a single instance where rotting or infestation has occurred. PT is also a very strong wood. Decks take a real boasting, especially in the storm seosons.
    PT decking has a 15 year rating against decay and insect damage. Applications that have withstood 25 years, testify to the    longevity of this material.
    One of the unsung features of PT is RESISTANCE to MOLD & MILDEW penetration. Surface mold & mildew can    accumulate on almost anything, as it can on PT. However, a simple bleach solution, pressure washer or even a “spray on, rinse off” deck cleaner will quickly clean PT to a like new appearance. Again, in 15 plus years we have never seen mold or mildew penetrate PT like it does so many other woods. Even Cypress & Cedar can become black over time with mold & mildew that has penetrated so far that it can’t be removed.
    Pressure Treated Pine Decking boasts a fire rating of Class A, the same as concrete or steel!
    Pressure Treated Pine comes from "Managed Forest Projects". It is naturally seasoned and the used treatment process earns EPP certification from Scientific Certification Systems based on Life-Cycle Assessment.



Premium Grade Cumaru is an exotic hardwood native to South America. It is extremely dense and rich in color and appearance. Cumaru creates that carefree, inviting outdoor space you crave. When you step onto a deck made of Cumaru, you'll be presented with a rich display of golden tan to reddish brown colors and dark grain accents.

    Cumaru Decking is 5 times harder than Pine, Cedar and Redwood and over 10 times stronger than composite decking products. Rated in the most durable hardwood category of all species worldwide.
    Cumaru Decking is rated for 25 years against decay and insect damage. Applications that have withstood 50 years, testify to the longevity of this material.
    With Cumaru Decking, the application of sealers is purely optional. Cumaru Decking naturally weathers to a beautiful, silver-gray patina.
    Cumaru Decking boasts a fire rating of Class A, the same as concrete or steel!
    Cumaru is harvested from managed forest projects. It is naturally seasoned and kiln dried to prevent shrinkage.



Ipe (EE-pay), also known by the trade name Pau Lope® (and generically as ironwood). Originating in South America, Ipe decking is a unique hardwood decking material that brings the warmth and beauty of indoor hardwood to the outdoors. Ipe – ironwood is quite possibly the most useful and versatile organic building material available.

    Ipe decks are very resistant to rot , insects, UV exposure, ice, salt, abrasion, splintering, chemicals and is Class A Fired rated. The superior natural strength, stability and durability of Ipe ironwood makes it ideally suited for a wide variety of uses.
    Ipe Hardwood is light to dark olive brown, often with attractive lighter or darker striping and striking contrasts with the lighter color sapwood. It has a fine texture, medium luster, and a bit of an oily appearance. Ipe is extremely hard (two to three times harder than oak) and very heavy. It weighs approximately 70 pounds per cubic foot and will sink in water. Ipe ironwood is rated as extremely durable.
  • USES.
    Ipe is prized for use in quality furniture and decorative veneers. Due to its outstanding strength and durability, it is often used for boardwalks, decks, decking, porch floors, tool handles, turnery, industrial flooring, textile mill items and more.
    This very dense wood requires no sealers or treatments. A sealer coat can be applied to preserve their natural color, which ranges from rich russet to a classic reddish brown. Left unsealed, they weather to handsome silver patina. One of the more famous commercial applications for ipe has been the Atlantic City Boardwalk. After 24 year of use, the planks used show almost no wear!

    Ironwoods in general remain smooth due to their being one of the earth’s most dense woods.  They will not absorb water, twist, or bow like some woods do. This means that if you use Ipe for your deck, you will be able to walk on it barefoot and carefree for a lifetime.
    Ipe Decking boasts a fire rating of Class A, the same as concrete or steel!
    Ipe is harvested from managed forest projects. It is naturally seasoned and kiln dried to prevent shrinkage.


Composite Decks

Working with low-maintenance composite decking.

Low-maintenance composites and other man-made materials may be a bit more expensive upfront, but once you factor in annual deck-care costs, composites may save you money in the long run. Synthetic decking can produce absolutely stunning decks that need only regular cleaning to maintain their beauty. (Note: all synthetic materials will fade or change somewhat over time.)


We recommend and use TREX® for many reasons. First of all, TREX is priced about the same, OR LOWER, than competitive products. And most, if not all, of the other companies (that make “alternative” or “plastic-type” deck lumber) are small, regional outfits that may or may not be around to honor guarantees’. And most competitors can’t show you successful projects that have been around for many, many years. TREX® has been around for more than a decade and can point to several successful, long term, high profile projects around the USA.

To our knowledge TREX® has always stood by their product, replacing defective material at no cost and has always put the customer first. TREX® is also the only public company (to our knowledge) devoted solely to “plastic-type” or “alternative” deck lumber. TREX® is really neat stuff, although, it is also a bit expensive compared to natural wood.  Shipping is also more expensive because TREX® is heavier than others deck lumbers, but in the long run, the rewards are longevity and nearly non existent maintenance costs.

  • GREAT TRACTION, wet or dry
  • MEET ALL ADA STANDARDS for slip resistance